About Us


"About Us is a touring large-scale public art event combining multimedia installations with animation, poetry, original music and live performance to explore the myriad connections between us, our planet, and the wider cosmos. The live show uses animation and projection mapping to transform buildings and landmarks in five towns and cities across the UK into vast canvases on which we tell the story of 13.8 billion years of hyper-connected history." - 59 Productions

My role as Art Director was to direct, produce, design, and deliver the entire day show exhibition which served as a daytime offering ahead of the evening's projection show.

Connecting communities, the exhibition in partnership with the Poetry Society and Stemettes consisted of beautifully shot slow-motion portraiture of local people, a nationwide poetry and Scratch competition, a schools workshop programme, and an awe-inspiring fact campaign. The amount of localised content generated, coupled with the complexities of touring a show of this magnitude generated an incredible amount of work for everyone involved, however, It was incredible to be able to deliver a show of this scale to a live audience once again. 

To find out more and to watch the behind the scenes please visit: 59 Productions