Folkestone Trawler Race


The Folkestone Trawler Race began it's life in 1975 to celebrate the local fishing industry and the people involved within the industry. The spectacular event continues today and plays a vital role in reminding people to buy locally sourced and sustainable fish. 

The local fishing industry is under threat from large fishing trawlers which decimate the fish stock and the unfair divide of the fishing quotas.

We need to help save the UK's small fishing fleets and buy local fresh fish.


Directed by: Jason Devine
DOP: Garath Whyte
Additional Photography: Richard Ing.
Drone Photography: Charles Golding
Editor: Carly Baker / Alex Chew
Colourist: Faith Millin
Sound Design / Mix: Dennis Alfarez 
Folkestone Trawlers Director: Terry Noakes
Event Organiser: Cath Mison